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even if you haven't made a resolution to eat more vegetables this year, let's all make a resolution to make our salads more isfying. there's too much potential to be wasted on salads that leave us hungry after an hour and don't actually taste all that memorable. here are the 10 ways i ensure my salads are a isfying meal every time. read more »

the virtues gained from packing a salad for lunch are many, but then again so are the potential pitfalls. specifically, popping the lid off of a plastic container lined with limp lettuce and scattered with soggy and uninspired toppings does not bring lunchtime joy. but rest ured, we have a way out of this sad situation — 19 ways out, to be exact! read more »

while prepping sweet potatoes and maybe even chicken breast might be a part of your weekly meal prep routine, beets should be the newcomer. think of them as the next wave of veggies to prep for colorful meals all week long. so roast a big batch of beets and know that you can have tasty pickles and salads ( goat cheese , anyone?) in your future at the drop of a hat. and that's just the beginning. there are a slew of things you can do with roasted beets you've prepped ahead. here are five of our favorite unique ways to enjoy them. read more »

the refrigerator is a modern marvel that is hard to imagine life without. it makes our kitchen, and therefore ourselves, happy and healthy, so it's only fair that we keep it happy and healthy in return. here are five simple things we can do to make sure it's our number-one sidekick in the kitchen. read more »

there's more to the newly-released iphone 7 than meets the eye, that is, uming you know where to look. here's are 25 useful tips and tricks to get you started, so you can tap into everything apple's latest smartphone has to offer. the post in love with your new iphone 7? here are 25 tips that will make you adore it even more appeared first on digital trends .

i know what you're thinking: boring ol' chicken breasts, so dry and flavorless. but please, don't automatically dismiss this hardworking and ver ile protein. it's the jumping-off point for numerous dinner dishes that come together in an hour or less. in fact, you should consider chicken breast a blank canvas for wonderful and exciting flavors and textures. whether you fry it up crisp, shred it into a c erole, or tuck it into a taco, the results will be moist and flavorful and very isfying. read more »

tips for kinemasteri made this tips for my interests and share experiences with others. my apps has some tips such as: + tips for kinemaster...

an all-day cooking project is fun! (especially if it's blizzard-ing outside.) an all-day cleaning project is not. if you're tackling a super-involved snow-day recipe, you'll need these tips to minimize your cleanup time and maintain your sanity. read more »

thanks to the renewed interest in kraut making, cabbage has been finding its way back into our hearts and bellies. pros: it's cheap, delicious, and ver ile. cons: cooked cabbage can get a little stinky. so after first opening a few windows, we enthusiastically declare that cooking up a cabbage is an excellent way to get a meal on the table, whether it's something light like a cabbage salad (aka slaw) or a more hearty braise, roast, or soup. read more »

a cheese ball gets props for being a party food that's incredibly easy to emble. it requires just a short list of ingredients and can quickly become the hit of the party when paired with crudité and more . it does, however, require a little time to make, since the cheese needs to come to room temperature before forming the ball and then needs to firm back up in the refrigerator before serving. the good news is that it can definitely be made ahead — it can keep well for up to a week in the refrigerator — which means you can prepare it on your schedule and have it ready to go when party time arrives. here are three tips to keep in mind to achieve make-ahead success. read more »

it seems like the number one tip about dressing yourself is always the same: get your clothes tailored . that’s a great idea, but to do that means you have to actually have a tailor, and finding the right one is of the utmost importance. luckily, clothing expert alison freer has some great tips on how to just that. read more...

5 essential habits that make grocery shopping easier (image credit: arek_malang /shutterstock) some people find grocery shopping tedious or boring — hence the invention of grocery delivery services and meal kits — especially those of us who shop once a week or more. over the years, i've adopted a few habits that make grocery shopping easier or, dare i say, more fun — even with two kids in tow. some of this advice is tried and true whether you really want to make grocery shopping happier or just plain faster, while other tips will make your big-haul or pantry-stocking trips more enjoyable. read more »

thrift stores, especially those in upscale neighborhoods , are a great source of inexpensive clothes and household goods. here are four tips to make your next thrifting experience go more smoothly and help you find a better haul. read more...

whatsapp is nothing short of convenient, however, there's more to the popular messaging app than initially meets the eye. luckily, these tips and tricks will help you make the most of it, whether you're new to the service or a returning veteran. the post become a whatsapp expert with these top 10 tips and tricks appeared first on digital trends .

in what i’m calling “very good news,” the kind souls over at the kitchn have devised a formula for turning almost any vegetable into a crispy, cheesy fritter. given the fact that the easiest ways to get me to eat my veggies are to crisp them up and add cheese, i’m pretty delighted. read more...

i had long considered a fried egg the kind of breakfast (or lunch or dinner, to be honest) a delicacy that could dress up anything from a plate of hash to a simple salad and not the sort of thing you throw together for a crowd. but last year, one of our editors taught me a trick for cooking a big batch of fried eggs at once, turning this once solo dining luxury into a crowd-pleasing performance that does not even require a frying pan. read more »

kourtney kardashian sticks to a very healthy diet , which means consuming sugar is a no-no. “i always try to avoid sugar — especially refined sugar — for so many reasons,” the keeping up with the kardashians star, 37, shares on her website and app. “first, sugar is addictive and i notice that after i eat it, i need it. sugar doesn’t sustain you when you actually need energy, like for a workout. also, when i eat sugar, i find that more cellulite appears.” to avoid sugar, kardashian recommends eliminating soda from your diet. “i don’t drink soda — ever!” she says. “i drink a ton of water during the day and i also drink a gl of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar twice a day (in the morning and at night).” related video: kourtney kardashian celebrates mason & reign’s birthday with ‘fast & furious’ party! she also says to be careful about the type of alcoholic drinks you choose to consume. “ tails are often mixed with juice or soda — not only high in calories, but sugar too,” writes kardashian. “aside from drinking too much, the sugar content in drinks is often what accounts for bad hangovers. when i do drink, i go for either tequila on the rocks, beer or wine. if you’re cutting down on sugar, it’s good to know that rosé wine usually has less sugar than red or white.” lastly, kardashian recommends making your own salad dressing. “store-bought salad dressing can be secretly full of sugar,” she says. “i learned to make my own dressing (which is so easy!) and have a handful of salads that i make regularly that i actually love. if you have a really good homemade salad dressing recipe, you’ll start to crave salads!”

as much as you might want a hard-and-fast rule here, i'm sorry to say it doesn't exist. unfortunately, i can't tell you to wash them after every three meals, or after every pasta dinner. the best advice i can give you is to check them out after each meal. there are, however, a few questions to ask yourself that can help you make this all-important decision. read more »

it's hard to be in a bad mood in a kitchen. you can make anything you want to make in that room: sweet treats for a friend, a isfying meal for your family, coffee for your own sleepy head. for us, the kitchen is a haven — a safe space where you make the rules. any kitchen is a happy room, and these, from various house tours on apartment the y, are especially cheery. check them out! it's basically impossible to be grumpy in any of these spaces. read more »

if you are the type of person who blitzes through the sauce and cheese portion of a pizza to get to the crust, i have good news. through the power of frying, you can finally make pizza crust the star it deserves to be , rather than an afterthought. read more...

there are plenty of times in life when thinking big is best, but not when it comes to making cheese balls. this kitschy, retro appetizer is an exception to the bigger-is-better thinking. whether you're feeding the whole crew or just a couple people, here's why tiny cheese balls make more sense. read more »

if you have a favorite t-shirt that’s a little too small to wear comfortably, or just doesn’t fit quite right anymore, you don’t have to toss it or donate it. here are four simple methods to loosen it up or size it up so you can wear it again. read more...

tikka masala — a rich mix of spiced chunks of meat (usually chicken) swimming in a creamy tomato sauce — is one of the most beloved indian takeout dishes, but the dish as we know it now actually originated in the u.k., with many restaurants laying claim to it. thanks to that checkered history, all bets were off when we wanted to come up with a slow-cooker version of this cl ic. why not replace the chicken with chickpeas, and the traditional cream and yogurt with coconut milk to make a wholly isfying vegan version? read more »

your home wi-fi network might be a glorious model of high-speed, rock-solid internet connectivity, but is it safe? even after you’ve got all of your various computers and devices hooked up, you still need to make sure the network’s secured against unwelcome visitors, and here’s exactly how to make sure it happens. read more...

planning a first birthday party is so fun — you get to pick cute decorations and make cake or cupcakes for a baby to smash in fits of delight! i often get asked what time of day is best for hosting birthday parties, as i've tried everything from morning to late evening parties for my two children, and i've come to a slightly surprising conclusion that works well for both babies turning 1 and most kids under 8 too. here's the best time of day to host a young kid's party. read more »

i can't tell you how many of my friends store their slow cookers on top of their upper cabinets. sure, that space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling would otherwise go wasted, but i can't figure out why people think that is the place for a heavy and cumbersome electronic appliance. i get that maybe these folks don't use their slow cooker every day, or even every week, so it might not make the most sense to let it take up valuable real estate on the counter. but there's a better home for it! read more »

if you’re lost in the wild and in dire need of food, you can make a fish hook out of something you’re almost guaranteed to have on you. read more...

best psiphon pro tips contains helpful tips and tricks that show you how to use psiphon pro, you must try this guide will give you...

lemon is one of our favorite flavors here at kitchn. we love how it can be sweet or savory; how you can drink it or salt it or make it it into a curd. here are 20 of our most important lemon recipes, from cl ic lemon spritz cookies to limoncello and all the tasty things in between. read more »

the gedit text editor in linux is known for its simplicity of use. in its default form it offers almost all the basic functionality that an ideal text editor should. however, the real strength of gedit lies in the fact that its feature set can be expanded using plugins.... this story continues at make tech easier the post useful tips to make gedit an even better text editor appeared first on make tech easier .

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