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2016 was even more difficult for erin andrews than we thought. in september, just after the sportscaster settled her $55 million peeping tom lawsuit, the 38-year-old was diagnosed with cervical cancer. related: still crying over taboo's video about his fight with cancer! speaking with sports illustrated's the mmqb, miz andrews opened up for the very first time [...]

"nfl on fox" star erin andrews has revealed she battled cervical cancer during the regular season -- which required multiple surgeries -- but she didn't miss a single game. the good news -- andrews says she's "cancer-free" now ... and plans on…

erin andrews was so secretive about her battle with cervical cancer that she even kept her dancing with the stars colleagues in the dark about her diagnosis. “she’s always the first one to make a joke,” says one longtime ociate of the abc show. “she doesn’t show that things bother her, so you would never guess that she was going through something so awful as cancer.” “she never discussed it,” added another source. andrews, who sued the companies that own the nashville marriott after a peeping tom released a nude video of her on the internet , had just settled her stalking case in april when a doctor told her in june that she needed surgery for cervical cancer. “when you hear the word cancer , you fear the worst,” her father told sports illustrated . “when it’s your child, you think to yourself, you think to god: take me, not her . she has been through enough. she is just getting her life back.” si reports that andrews missed two tapings of dwts after learning of her diagnosis — but the official word was that she needed time off to support her boyfriend (now fiancé) jarret stoll , whose nephew had been killed in a car accident. “i don’t believe anyone knew what was going on,” said the ociate. andrews, 38, underwent surgery oct. 11 at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles. two days later, she boarded a plane to green bay, wisconsin, to film a football feature. “let’s just say the doctor didn’t recommend that,” andrews told si . “but just as i felt during my trial, sports were my escape. i needed to be with my crew.” andrews will return as a co-host on dwts when the show’s 24th season kicks off march 20.

for those who know erin andrew from dancing with the stars and are used to seeing her weekly in full glam and a princess-y dress, it may surprise you to find out that the star is actually averse to going too over-the-top ie (something her makeup artist and hairstylist remind us of in her weekly dwts blog !). but the star – whose other job is reporting from the sidelines for fox nfl – is about as low-key as it gets when it comes to the princess thing, which means that wedding planning duties are falling to her hockey player fiancé jarret stoll . when asked on extra how the plans were coming along, she laughed,“you know, my man is the bridezilla! he is pinteresting. i’m in dallas cowboy meetings, and he’s sending me, ‘hey babe, i saw this on pinterest,’ and i’m like, ‘hey babe, will you let me get through super bowl?’” related p os: the most jaw-dropping star enga ent ring! and regarding bachelorette party plans, don’t expect to see her wearing an “i’m the bride” novelty veil on her instagram anytime soon. “i don’t do that!” she said. “i have to convince him not to wear the veil.” one thing he won’t be wearing at the wedding: black tie. in fact, he won’t be wearing a tie at all. andrews treats us to her impression of stoll asking if a tie will be necessary, then says he’s going to forgo one altogether. the star recently opened up about her battle with cervical cancer , saying that stoll wanted her to take time off and recover but she wanted to get back on the field right away. “you wouldn’t miss a game,” andrews said she told him. “you’d play through any injury, do whatever it takes to get back out there. that’s going to be me.” are you exciting to see what she does for her wedding?

it's about half an hour before kickoff at super bowl li ... and a bunch of celebs are already taking the field. among the early birds are mark wahlberg, usher, yao ming, randy moss, alex rodriguez, michael strahan, terry bradshaw, erin andrews and…

julie andrews is coming to netflix with julie's greenroom, a children's show, and she's got one goal in mind: to educate the next generation about the arts. "there's...

issa rae , star of her hbo series insecure , has been cast opposite bill hader in empress of serenity , the directorial debut of me and earl and the dying author and screenwriter jesse andrews . production is set to get underway in august on andrews’ script. hader is aboard playing sheldon , whose elaborate plan to win back his ex-wife is upended when he is guilted into a monthlong mega-cruise with his widowed father. rae plays michelle, a reclusive kindred spirit in the…

the nj child support case information application is the official child support mobile platform for the state of new jersey; it allows...

stevie j's failure to pay child support just smacked him in the face, and wallet -- the judge is ordering him to pay $1,304,835.86 ... and that's getting off easy. stevie was forced to fork over the dough to wipe the slate on back child support owed…

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chance the per isn't just hip-hop's favorite new artist ... he owns up to his responsibility in the child support department too. chance struck an agreement with kirsten corley over how much he'll ante up in child support for their…

firefox 52 was recently released with support for web embly and now google released chrome 57 with support for the same. web embly support was available in beta versions of chrome and now it's available to everyone. the post google updates to chrome 57, adds web embly support and css grid layout specs appeared first on digital trends .

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valve is collaborating with computer vision experts sensomotoric instruments to bring eye-tracking support to its openvr api and is showcasing the results at this week's game developers conference. the post valve is working on adding eye-tracking support to openvr interface appeared first on digital trends .

yes, there’s a murder mystery on riverdale, but the question that really keeps us up at night is: who is archie andrews going to show his abs to next? the ginger teen is the thirstiest t to ever have been set in the land of the cw, and we are ... more »

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p o courtesy: usc in a recent conver ion with usa today college, cnn's erin burnett cited willow bay as a mentor. and when usc journalism students this spring travel to new york and the san francisco bay area as part of "maymester," they will have bay to thank. she expanded that portion of department activities in...

cbs’ syndicated entertainment news program “the insider” will end in september after 13 seasons on the air, thew has learned. the show was created in 2004, as a spinoff to “entertainment tonight,” originally hosted by pat o’brien and lara spencer. “the insider” went through several iterations and formats, seguing from tabloid fare and true crime features into more straightforward entertainment news rundowns. also read: debbie matenopoulos to replace thea andrews as co-host of 'the insider' (exclusive) the show aired in a one-hour block of entertainment news programs alongside sister show “entertainment tonight.” current hosts are louis aguirre and debbie matenopoulos, with michael yo and keltie knight serving as correspondents. related stories from thew : monique chenault out as executive producer of 'the insider' (exclusive) debbie matenopoulos to replace thea andrews as co-host of 'the insider' (exclusive) 'the insider' promotes monique chenault to executive producer

google is making an effort to "streamline" its sprawling apps with a little spring cleaning. it's specifically targeting sms support in hangouts and experimental gmail labs features. the post google retires sms support in hangouts, axes experimental gmail features appeared first on digital trends .

sling tv has announced the new "first look" program for its cloud dvr feature, making it available to subscribers as a $5 per month add-on and bringing support to amazon, android, and android tv devices. the post sling tv adds ‘first look’ program for cloud dvr, support for amazon devices appeared first on digital trends .

building evolutionary architectures: support constant changebuilding evolutionary architectures: support constant changetitle: building evolutionary architectures: support constant change | author(s): neal ford, rebecca parsons, patrick kua | publisher: o’reilly | year: 2017 | language: english | pages : 217 | size: 6 mb | extension: pdf the software development ecosystem is constantly changing, providing a constant stream of new tools, frameworks, techniques, and paradigms. over the past few years, incremental developments in core engineering practices for software development have created the foundations for rethinking how architecture changes over time, along with ways to protect important architectural characteristics as it evolves. this practical guide ties those parts together with a new way to think about architecture and time.
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building evolutionary architectures: support constant change

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after nearly four years, the playstation 4 is getting a fairly basic feature that should improve the quality of life for people who own a lot of games. sony interactive entertainment is planning to add support for external hard drives to the ps4. the company is preparing to update the ps4’s system software to version […]

microsoft worked hard on improving the so-called "high-dpi" performance in last year's anniversary update, but it didn't stop there. it put work into improving high-dpi support in the upcoming windows 10 creators update as well. the post microsoft improves high-dpi display support in windows 10 creators update appeared first on digital trends .

cnn's erin burnett spoke with u.n. amb ador nikki haley tonight about a number of important subjects, including president trump 's wiretapping tweets.

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by jerry zezima it may come as a shock to you that i can't get pregnant. the reason, of course, is that i am too old. but that did not stop a doctor from sending me for a sonogram. this procedure, which is often performed on pregnant women, was done on me recently, not because i was expecting a baby, unlikely since i am still infantile myself, but because i had a kidney stone. unfortunately, it wasn't my first. it was my fifth. or sixth. i have lost count, mostly under the influence of painkilling drugs, but i do know that i am a human quarry who manufactures these things at an alarming rate. if i could outsource this manufacturing to another person, i would. but i can't, so i continue to have kidney stones. the first time i had one, a nurse told me it was the male equivalent of childbirth. i told her that at least i wouldn't have to put the stone through college. this time, my urologist, dr. albert kim, who has a practice in the appropriately named new york hamlet of stony brook, ordered a sonogram because i'd already had enough x-rays from my previous kidney stones to glow in the dark, which at least would reduce my electric bills. when i arrived at zwanger-pesiri radiology, i spoke with amy, one of the nice people who work at the front desk. "i've been here so often that i should have my own parking space," i told her. "even i can't get one," amy said with a smile. then she handed me paperwork whose sheer volume rivaled that of "war and peace" and asked me to fill it out. "i've had to do this so many times that my right hand should be x-rayed," i said. amy nodded sympathetically and replied, "you can keep the pen." then i was called in by a nice technologist named erin, who asked if i had been drinking. "no," i replied, "but i could go for a beer." "i mean water," erin said. "you have to have at least 24 ounces before we can do a sonogram." "i had a bottle on the way over," i told her. "good," said erin, who asked me to lift my shirt so she could rub some jelly on my belly and watch it on the telly. "am i pregnant?" i asked. "sorry," she responded, "but no." "do you see my kidney stone?" i wondered. "i'm not a doctor," erin explained, "so i'm not allowed to say." but she did say that a report would be sent to dr. kim, with whom i had an appointment the next day. that evening, however, someone from the radiology center called me at home to say i had to come back because part of the sonogram was blurred. the next morning, i returned for another one. while i was waiting, i had a kidney stone attack. fortunately, it was no worse than having tar injected into my right side. when the pain subsided, i had a second sonogram and then went to see dr. kim, who said the stone was probably dropping and that this, too, shall p . sure enough, at home later that afternoon, it did. dr. kim ordered an x-ray, which i tried to avoid in the first place. i had one a couple of days later from another nice technologist named jenn, who said i could keep the blue paper pants i had to wear for the procedure. she also gave me a copy of the x-ray, which i had to bring to dr. kim a few days later. i also brought him the stone, which looked to be the size of a bocce ball but was actually, according to dr. kim, five or six millimeters. "it's fairly big," he said. "did you have a tough time p ing it?" "it wasn't pleasant, but it could have been worse," i replied. "at least i didn't have a baby." stamford advocate humor columnist jerry zezima is the author of three books. visit his blog at www.jerryzezima. .com. email: jerryz111@optonline.net. copyright 2017 by jerry zezima -- this feed and its contents are the property of the huffington post, and use is subject to our terms. it may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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