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method empty your colon of toxic waste with this cleansing method. this item belongs to: movies/opensource_movies. this item has files of the following types: archive bit , mpeg4, metadata

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rubik cube 3d helps you learn the beginner's method. only after mastering this method, one can learn the a nced friedrich method...

اختصاصی از سورنا فایل متد خود اموز گیتار بیس جلد دوم hal leonard b method با و پر سرعت . کتاب b method منتشر شده از کمپانی یزرگ  hal leonard یک کتاب خیلی خوب در زمینه اموزش گیتار بیس میباشد که از پایه شروع به اموزش کرده هم اکنون میتوانید این جلد دوم کتاب را همراه با ترک های صوتی همراه با ان دریافت کنید با متد خود اموز گیتار بیس جلد دوم hal leonard b method

breaking through the 10nm manufacturing barrier is something that a lot of companies are struggling with, but mit has developed a new method which could fix that, without requiring extensive fabrication refits. the post reinventing the wheel: mit develops method for making smaller chips appeared first on digital trends .

the the london method app today to plan and schedule your cl es. from this mobile app you can view cl schedules, sign-up...

at this term we have the course language teaching strategies. our teacher is ms mohammadi. at this course two by two we're gonna give lecture on one lesson and chapter of the book as my memory allows, we have covered these methods of book: gtm method: presented by younes zarei and mehdi heydarnezhad. this old fashioned method is based on teaching literature and isn’t effective in preparing students to use the target language communicatively nowadays. and also this method is based on grammar which is translated into native language and the way of teaching is deductive. and also we had silent way presentade by mr khabbazzadeh and mr poursoultana. at this method teacher remains silent and instead of that students talk and participate in cl generaly we learned useful things about these methods,..

فرایند تحلیل سلسله مراتبی ahpموضوعات:مفاهیم تصمیم گیریتصمیم گیری چند شاخصهتاپسیس topsisتجزیه و تحلیل سلسله مراتبی ahpروش حداقل مربعات (least squares method) روش حداقل مربعات لگاریتمی (logarithmic least squares method) روش بردار ویژه (eigenvector method)روشهای تقریبی (approximation method)محاسبه وزن نهاییمحاسبه نرخ ناسازگاریالگوریتم محاسبه نرخ ناسازگاری یک ماتریسالگوریتم محاسبه نرخ ناسازگاری یک سلسله مراتبیادامه مطلب: فرایند تحلیل سلسله مراتبی ahp

پاو وینت محاسبه مقادیر ویژه با روش power methodپاو وینت-محاسبه-مقادیر-ویژه-با-روش-power-methodتوضیحات: پروژه محاسبات عددی درس محاسبات بصورت پاو ونت، حاوی درسنامه محاسبه مقادیر ویژه به همراه مثال های متعدد با استفاده از روش پاور متود (power method) در قالب 19 اسلاید فایل

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astronavigation. a method for determining exact position by the starsastronavigation. a method for determining exact position by the starsk.a. zischka
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this is my ejournal on two session we had. at first session two of the students gave presentation on gtm. gtm is based on translation and i realized that almost all of my teachers were using this method during my education process. i’m completely familiar with this method and i think using it wouldn’t help students to reach appreciable level in english. of course sometimes you need translation in cl . but to use this method as the dominant style wouldn’t do any good. about the presentation; i think it was quite informative. but i didn’t feel effective cooperation between the two presenters. it was like each one had memorized their own share of the subject. also most of the times they were reading from the book, i understand that sometimes you need to take look at your notes. but it’s your notes not the p ages from the book. they had another object, they could have taken a look at the p age and explain it in her own words. about the discussion i like the way we sum up everyone’s studied. the second session two of the students gave presentation on direct method. then we shared our comments on the presentation. after a break we had discussions about approach, method, design, procedure and techniques. then the professor explained how to write lesson plan. about the direct method i know that when i was in high school my teachers didn’t use direct method much in the cl and because of that many students had problems in speaking fluently. about the presentation the two students were well prepared. and the power point was really useful. but they started the presentation in a monotonous tone and finished it the same tone. and the speed they presented was quite fast i mean they didn’t stop to see if we got the whole explanation or not. and about the discussions i didn’t quite understand what professor meant by taking the lead. like when someone is talking, you interrupt her and complete rest of the terms? i’m not sure i can do that.

مقاله a novel temperature estimation method for solar cells دارای 6 صفحه می باشد و دارای تنظیمات در microsoft word می باشد و آماده پرینت یا چاپ است فایل ورد مقاله a novel temperature estimation method for solar cells کاملا فرمت بندی و تنظیم شده در استاندارد و مراکز تی می باشد. این پروژه توسط مرکز مرکز پروژه های دانشجویی آماده و تنظیم شده است توجه : در صورت مشاهده بهم ریختگی احتمالی در متون زیر ،دلیل ان کپی این مطالب از داخل فایل ورد می باشد و در فایل اصلی مقاله a novel temperature estimation method for solar cells،به هیچ وجه بهم ریختگی وجود ندارد بخشی از متن مقاله a novel temperature estimation method for solar cells : سال انتشار: 1389 محل انتشار: دومین کنفرانس بین المللی الکترونیک قدرت و سیستم های درایو تعداد صفحات: 6 چکیده: in this paper, an effective approach for estimating the operating temperature of a p ovoltaic (pv) module is presented. the developed method is simple and does not need any additional hardware. the proposed approach uses an analytical formula to derive the temperature from the maximum power point (mpp) voltage and current. the effectiveness of the new method is investigated through some conducted simulations in matlab/simulink environment and its validity is verified by experiment on rec-ae220 solar modules.

free-roaming wireless power has been a dream of engineers since the days of tesla and edison waging their war of innovation but a number of technical hurdles have prevented it from becoming a reality. the folks at disney research have revealed that they’ve successfully built a method to provide full coverage of an… read more...

in firs session, our lesson was about gtm. two students presented about this method. then we discussed about curriculum, syllabus, lesson plan,etc. but just a few students participated in discussion and others were already not active. in second session, our lesson was about dm(direct method) and two students presented that. then we discussed about approach,method,design,procedures,techniques. in this session,students were more active than previous session. in these two session we learned that curriculum is the totality of a students experiences during educational process and lesson plan is appropriate for just one session materials, equipment,etc. its an important point that teachers have to follow curriculum. approach,design,procedure are subsets of method. design makes the link between approach and procedure. we learned how to design the lesson plan too. direct method is a system of teaching a foreign language using only that language and without emphasis on the study of grammar. my comments about cl events about the lectures; the first lecture was good but i didn't learn much information. the second lecture was better and two students was predominant. in my opinion the lectures should be more attractive and practicable. about discussion; all students should be participated in discussion.

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a compendium of partial differential equation models: method of lines analysis with matlaba compendium of partial differential equation models: method of lines analysis with matlab100001-200000 titleauthoryearpageformat a compendium of partial differential equation models: method of lines analysis with matlab schiesser w. e., griffiths g. w. 2009 474 rar ...بدست آوردن فایل
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perspolis could win alsad in the alsad"s home. they could success in this game when they have tow deprived players and one stricken player.
also in this season perspolis deprived from tow transfering windows. mr ivankovich have a method that he use from some special players. this

مقاله preparation of zinc oxide nanoparticles by water solution combustion method دارای 5 صفحه می باشد و دارای تنظیمات در microsoft word می باشد و آماده پرینت یا چاپ است فایل ورد مقاله preparation of zinc oxide nanoparticles by water solution combustion method کاملا فرمت بندی و تنظیم شده در استاندارد و مراکز تی می باشد. این پروژه توسط مرکز مرکز پروژه های دانشجویی آماده و تنظیم شده است توجه : در صورت مشاهده بهم ریختگی احتمالی در متون زیر ،دلیل ان کپی این مطالب از داخل فایل ورد می باشد و در فایل اصلی مقاله preparation of zinc oxide nanoparticles by water solution combustion method،به هیچ وجه بهم ریختگی وجود ندارد بخشی از متن مقاله preparation of zinc oxide nanoparticles by water solution combustion method : سال انتشار: 1386 محل انتشار: پنجمین کنگره بین المللی ی شیمی تعداد صفحات: 5 چکیده: this paper discribes a convenient system for preparation of zinc oxide nano particles by water solution combustion method . this system consists of three main parts: injection control system, combustion chamber, and cold surface collector, respectively. the most important control parameters such as flow rate of heat combustion gas and raw material solution, injection back pressure, and temperature of cold collector can be easily controlled in this system . we ran combustion tests for solution combustion and emulsion combustion method (ecm) in preparation of zinc oxide nano particles; and it was found that this system was more efficient in solution combustion method specially in water based solution combustion than ecm in preparation of zinc oxide nano particles.

in the name of allah if i want to briefly explain about this ias2 , in this standard we learn about value of inventories . if we want to recognition and record the inventory, we have to identify that , value lower of cost or . n et r ealisable v alue nrv method : estimated selling price less cost to completion and cost to sell cost method : cost of purchase and costs of cnvension and cost s to bring inventory to present location and condition

scientific method: the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses روش علمی: جمع آوری داده ها از طریق مشاهده و آزمایش، و فرموله (صورت بندی ) و تست فرضیه ها. hypothese : فرضیه توضیح : این روش در علم تجربی به کار میرود . در مقابل روش فلسفی philosophy method که روشی عقلانی است. و ابزار روش علمی آزمایشگاه است اما روش عقلی تحلیلات عقلانی است.

استاندارد astm c1138 در خصوص تست مقاومت به سایش بتن (زیر آب) استاندارد astm c1138 در خصوص تست مقاومت به سایش بتن (زیر آب) به زبان انگلیسی standard test method for abrasion resistance of concrete (underwater method) scope1.1 this test method covers a procedure for determining therelative resistance of concrete (including concrete overlays andimpregnated concrete) to abrasion under water (see note 1).this procedure simulates the abrasive action of waterborneparticles (silt, sand, gravel, an ...
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(ansi/ashrae standard 24-2000 (ra 2005 method of testing for rating liquid coolers (ansi/ashrae standard 24-2000 (ra 2005
method of testing for rating liquid coolers استاندارد اشری 24-2000(ra 2005)
روش های تعیین مشخصات کارکرد مبرد های مایع


#filesell_pps_div1{margin:5px auto;padding:5px;min-width:300px;max-width:500px;border:1px solid #a9a9a9 !important;background-color:#ffffff !important;color:#000000 !important;font-family:tahoma !important;font-size:13px !important;line-height:140% !important;border-radius:5px;} پاو وینت بررسی فاکتور ایمنی به وسیله روش های برش (مقاطع) لینک و ید پایین توضیحات دسته بندی : پاو وینت نوع فایل : .ppt ( قابل ویرایش و آماده پرینت ) تعداد اسلاید : 43 اسلاید قسمتی از متن .ppt : بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم بررسی فاکتور ایمنی به وسیله روش های برش (مقاطع) ژوئیه 22، 17 1 درس: طراحی حفریات پیشرفته روباز موضوعات مورد بحث قسمت اول: معرفی روش های برش قسمت دوم: مقایسه روش های برش قسمت سوم: کاربرد روش های برش ژوئیه 22، 17 2 روش های برش 1- روش اردینری (ordinary method of slices) 2- روش بیشاپ ساده شده (simplified bishop method) 3- روش جانبو ساده شده (janbu’s simplified method) 4- روش تعمیم یافته جانبو (janbu’s generalized procedure of slices (gps)) 5- روش اسپنسر (spencer’s method) 6- روش مورجنسترن و پرایس (morgenstern and price’s method) ژوئیه 22، 17 3 روش های برش 7- روش crops of engineers 1 & 2)) 8- روش (lowe-karafiath) ژوئیه 22، 17 4 ...
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a nces in mathematical finance and applications

دوره: 2 شماره: 4

nemat rastgoo, hossein panahian,
صفحات: 11 تا 30 نوع مقاله: none تاریخ انتشار: 2017-12-01

comparative approach to the backward elimination and for-ward selection methods in modeling the systematic risk based on the arfima-figarch model
recieve article

the present study aims to model systematic risk using financial and accounting variables. accordingly, the data for 174 companies in tehran stock exchange are extracted for the period of 2006 to 2016. first, the systematic risk index is estimated using the arfima-figarch model. then, based on the research background, 35 affective financial and accounting variables are simultaneously used with the help of the backward elimination and forward selection method for modeling. after analyzing and evaluating the variables in eviews software, the four variables of debt ratio (cl. e), size (size), net profit to sales ratio (netp. s), and interest rate coverage ratio (icr) are selected in the backward elimination method. in the forward selection method, in addition to the above variables, operating profit margin (opm) is also chosen. the estimated model of these variables in both methods shows a low ratio of r2 coefficient that is approximately 7%. in the test case, the model of forward selection method has less error in all four criteria of root mean squared error (rmse), mean absolute error (mae), mean absolute percentage error (mape) and tile coefficient (tic) compared to the backward elimination method.

systematic risk arfima-figarch model backward elimination method forward selection approach

تحقیق درمورد introduction
تحقیق درمورد introduction
تحقیق درمورد introduction لینک و ید پایین توضیحات فرمت فایل word و قابل ویرایش و پرینت تعداد صفحات: 26 introduction the grammar translation method is not new. it has different names; butis has been used by language teachers for many years. at one time it was called the cl ical method since it was first used in the teaching of the cl ical language, latin and greek. earlier in this century, this method was used for the purpose of the helping student read and appreciates foreign language literat ...
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(ansi/ashrae standard 24-2000 (ra 2005 method of testing for rating liquid coolers

at the second session of the cl my friend and i had presentation about grammar translation method which its short form is gtm. gtm is a method of teaching based on translation. there was a new word to me: target language. target language refers to a second or foreign language. last session two other students had presentation about dm which stands for direct method and is based on using target language. now let me explain things i have learnt about these two methods: gtm: the kind of syllabus in gtm is linguistic and a fundamental purpose of it is to enable students to read literature written in target language and also make them able to translate sentences from one language to the other one. negative points in gtm are: being able to communicate in target language is not a goal of gtm. students won`t be able to speak fluently because skills like listening and speaking and pronunciation have got little or almost none attention. students should memorize vocabularies whenever possible and they would have no feeling to deal with. the teacher is the authority in the cl room and there is no interaction between teacher and students or vice versa. deductive method is used. it means a main rule will be explained by teacher and students will make some examples. this method makes students unable to recognize the grammar rule in a p age. dm: direct method is a system of teaching based on using target language only and without emphasis on the study of grammar. the only basic rule is no translation is allowed. the most important goal is to be able to communicate in target language so the students should be able to make questions as well as answer them. vocabulary is taught everyday by demonstrating not by translating. grammar is taught inductively. it means the students will have some examples and by studying them, they will recognize the rules of grammar. some techniques used in dm are: 1-reading aloud 2-dictation 3-map-drowing 4-conver ion practice negative points in dm are: direct method usually makes students speak fluently but with no accuracy because it doesn`t have any concentration on grammar. it requires native or native like teachers. it largely depends on the teacher rather than textbook. in my opinion using a combination of dm and gtm will work better. i think they complete each other and students will learn better and more willingly. while students are learning how to speak fluently in target language be using dm, they will learn grammar by focus so they will learn the two of the most important skills in target language which are speaking and grammar. the process of our cl is ok. the suggestion of having presentation for each chapter is good because i personally focus on methods more but i prefer to be taught by teacher and then have a presentation based on using methods i have learnt.

during these two weeks, my cl mates presented 3 presentations. the first group talked about audio-lingual method by acting it out. it was a good experience and we learnt it clearly. the next group presented the silent way. they talked about the way that the teacher uses this method, and the a ntages and disa ntages of it. next session, they presented desuggestopedia. they acted it out to make it clear for us. i have learnt about 3 methods and how to use them. in audio-lingual method grammar is taught inductively, and there are a lot of focuses on pronunciation. the teacher repeats the dialogue many times to make it clear for students. in silent way, the teacher uses a rectangular chart to teach pronunciation by comparing the sounds in native language with the target language. also, the silent way works on creativity. and in desuggestopedia teacher uses english names for each student. the students don’t have any homework and the teacher uses subconscious for teaching. in addition, teacher uses which is attractive for students. in conclusion, i think every session my cl mates presented better and better. they used posters and for their lecture and it is attractive. but, in my opinion, there is a problem. we have two presentations in one session and we don’t focus on our topic for discussion while the subject is really useful.

in the first session, two students presented a lecture about gtm. the power point was utilized for it. they explained what gtm is and the techniques that we can use to teach that method. at the end, we gave some feedback. then, we had a discussion about curriculum, syllabus and lesson plan. we explained the differences between them. in the second session, other students gave lecture about dm. they gave every student a summary of what they taught. after their presentation we commented about it too. finally, we discussed on method, approach, design etc. in these two weeks, i have learnt many things. for instance, the differences between gtm and dm. gtm focuses on linguistic (vocabulary and grammar) while dm focuses on communication (vocabulary and pronunciation more than grammar). in addition, i understand what curriculum is and the importance of syllabus and lesson plan. also, i gain a lot of knowledge about approach, method, procedure and design which was confusing for me. in conclusion, what i have learnt in two weeks in the cl room was beneficial for me as a future teacher. the book and the topics for discussion are really useful, but i think the problem is commenting on what our friends present. i just understand a few problems because most of us are at the same level. in my opinion, professor should give more feedbacks at the end of the lecture. it can be really helpful for us to understand our problems and try to avoid them in this course or other courses.

t-plus allows you to experience a whole new method of remittance and many financial transactions by maintaining a t-plus account. this...

شیوه درست صدا زدن supercl ها در activity اندروید: // called after oncreate has finished, use to restore ui state @override public void onrestoreinstancestate(bundle savedinstancestate) { super.onrestoreinstancestate(savedinstancestate); // always call the supercl method at first. // restore ui state from the savedinstancestate. // this bundle has also been p ed to oncreate. // will only be called if the activity has been // killed by the system since it was last visible. } // called before subsequent visible lifetimes for an activity process. @override public void onrestart() { super.onrestart(); // always call the supercl method at first. // load changes knowing that the activity has already // been visible within this process. } // called at the start of the visible lifetime. @override public void onstart() { super.onstart(); // always call the supercl method at first. // apply any required ui change now that the activity is visible. } // called at the start of the active lifetime. @override public void onresume() { // resume any paused ui updates, threads, or processes required // by the activity but suspended when it was inactive. super.onresume(); // always call the supercl method at last. } // called to save ui state changes at the end of the active lifecycle. @override public void onsaveinstancestate(bundle savedinstancestate) { // save ui state changes to the savedinstancestate. // this bundle will be p ed to oncreate and // onrestoreinstancestate if the process is // killed and restarted by the run time. super.onsaveinstancestate(savedinstancestate); // always call the supercl method at last. } // called at the end of the active lifetime. @override public void onpause() { // suspend ui updates, threads, or cpu intensive processes // that don't need to be updated when the activity isn't // the active foreground activity. super.onpause(); // always call the supercl method at last. } // called at the end of the visible lifetime. @override public void onstop() { super.onstop(); // always call the supercl method at first. // suspend remaining ui updates, threads, or processing // that aren't required when the activity isn't visible. // persist all edits or state changes // as after this call the process is likely to be killed. } // sometimes called at the end of the full lifetime. @override public void ondestroy() { // clean up any resources including ending threads, // closing database connections etc. super.ondestroy(); // always call the supercl method at last. } خلاصه مطب: در متد های onrestoreinstancestate، onstop, onrestart, onstart، ابتدا باید supercl صدا زده بشه و بعد کدهای شما قرار بگیره. اما در متدهای ondestroy, onpause, onsaveinstancestate, onresume ابتدا باید کدهای شما قرار بگیره و بعد متد supercl صدا زده بشه. عدم رعایت این اولویت ها گاهی باعث کندی، crash ، memory leak، ناهماهنگی در ui، باگهای datasaving و امثالش میشه... پس حتماً رعایت کنید. (شاید درصد کمی از برنامه ها باشند که از این قائده پیروی نمی کنند، اما اون هم با آگاهی کامل از محتوا و مکانیسم supercl ها.) منبع: پروفسور andrew t. pbell (و گوگل) http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~ pbell/cs65/lecture05/lecture05.html

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